Importance of Pest Control | U.S. Pest Protection

Importance of Pest Control (Nashville, TN) – The pest control industry has always been vital to the health and safety of homes, families, and businesses. Pest control provides a unique service worldwide. While the treatment specifics vary country to country, pest control remains a driving factor in protecting populations from a variety of diseases. U.S. […]

U.S. Pest Protection Explores Dangerous Biting Spiders Up Close & Personal

Alive and angry brown recluse spider is caught on video by U.S. Pest ProtectionPresident/CEO Erica Brister. “Comparing the venomous Tennessee native brown recluse to a general wolf spider allows for homeowners to be educated while at the same time entertained in the ASMR form.” says Erica Brister. The brown recluse dances in the video and […]

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