Biopesticide: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

Biopesticide: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

Biopesticide is a certain type of pesticide derived from natural materials. Natural materials are such as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals. For example, canola oil and baking soda have pesticidal applications and are considered biopesticides. In addition, tobacco and baking soda have pesticidal applications that are considered biopesticides.


Biopesticide Solutions

The Biopesticide market is growing leaps and bounds due to the ever growing IPM (integrated pest management) solutions and increase in organic farming.  Farmers are looking for organic options as well as IPM solutions. Biopesticides may be a solution to pesticide resistant issues farmers are facing. Protecting their crop is paramount for survival.

Bioinsecticdes are biocontrol agents primarily and are plant based. Bacteria and Fungi are released to control a variety of insects however very few are used commercially. Fruits and vegetables seem to be the primary usage for biometacides. Strong demand for organic food consumption and the bans on pesticides in Europe have caused the European market to be the fastest growing market for bioinsecticides.

Furthermore, the top players in the market will be BASF SE, Henkel AG, Du Pont (EI) de Nemours.  Registration of biopesticides is very easy hence; most of the countries have switched from chemical pesticides to biopesticides.


Biopesticides And Agriculture

Finally, will we see a reduction in agriculture pesticides in favor of more natural controls in the future right here in the United States?  One of the highest growth areas for biopesticides involves their use in seed treatment and soil amendment. These biopesticides mainly find use on orchard crops, forage crops, and field crops. These particular crops include corn and soybean. Conventional farmers usually employ biopesticides as resistant management tools. Organic farmers use biopesticides for pest and disease management. Urban homeowners make use of biopesticides in order to reduce hazardous exposure to children and pests.

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