National Pest Control And Management Month

National Pest Control And Management Month

National Pest Control Month is happening. April is a time where we have an entire month dedicated to raising awareness towards pest management.  Thats right, a whole month dedicated to pest control. Pest Control and Pest Management have been around since the 1800’s when their role in keeping the plague at bay in Europe was paramount in the health of the other 50% that didn’t die.  If it had not been for the attention of the ‘rat catchers’ it would have surely spread even further. The Pest Control industry is committed to protecting the health of the community. Some of the ways in which these roles have changed are vast and some are exactly the same from the 1800’s.


National Pest Control Month

One of the highlights we focus on heavily during April, as the Spring season takes full force, is the topic of pest control. Today we control mice and rat populations to bring the threat of disease down very similar to the way it all began. Today, an even greater responsibility lies in part in the hands of the pest control industry to protect as U.S. Pest says, “Protect what matters most”.  The pollinators are at an all time threat and our efforts as an industry can stave off any future downfalls of our industry as well as help educate and ensure our industry keeps the highest standards.

One of the common misconceptions is pest control being a threat to our communities. During National Pest Control Month, we are trying to educate the local communities. The truth is that the misapplication of pesticides will cause and has caused damage more than the products themselves. Most noteworthy, most of the professionals in the pest control industry are committed to protecting the health and property from woo destroying organisms. I say most, because every industry has those that are just in it for greed and power.


Pest Management

“Pests are a dangerous threat to our Nashville and Tennessee community, and we are working tirelessly to ensure each and every threat is handled with the highest performance standards”. Erica Brister, U.S. Pest Protection. “Even though this month is about the industry, its a great time to remind homeowners of the value and importance of hiring a professional to perform regular pest control as well as inspections”.

Springtime in Tennessee brings warmer weather and insect and pest activity to awareness. Consequently, it brings out termites as well. Termites alone cause over $5 billion dollars of damage each and the best part about termite damage is it is 100% preventable. As a result, you need a complete liquid treatment in order to have the best chance of protecting your home.  Futhermore, you can learn more about the liquid treatment here.


Common Pests In Tennessee

Mosquitos, Fleas, Ticks, Rodents and Termites can carry crazy diseases and should be a top priority for Tennessee residents.

  1. Termites: “The Silent Destroyer” chew through wood in your home, even the wood you can’t see, causing severe and sometimes unreparable damage.  Your home could be worth a substantial amount less after these bugs get a hold of it. Don’t let that happen. Get a liquid treatment barrier from U.S. Pest Protection.
  2. Mosquitos: They carry multiple diseases and viruses even in Tennessee.  Treat your yard with a good yard treatment from U.S. Pest and you wont’ have to worry about getting bit this summer playing in your backyard.
  3. Ticks:  Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can create years of havoc on your life.  Take precautions by utilizing tick treatments on your yard as well as applying tick repellant when enjoying the great outdoors in Tennessee. The CDC is closely monitoring the tick situation and is concerned about the ever growing cases of Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
  4. Mice and Rodents:  Mice and rodents carry the plague and a host of scary diseases.  See a mouse, call a professional, that’s why we are here.


Raising Awareness

Finally, the bottom line is that the industry has a month of celebrating the importance of the pest control industry. Most noteworthy, the U.S. Pest commitment to education and continuing to raise the standard will ensure our industry make a positive impact.

As a result, enjoy your National Pest Management month, hire a professional and feel safe knowing you have an industry who is committed to protecting your health form a population of insects that are dangerous but necessary to our planet. U.S. Pest Protection has the best pest solutions in Middle Tennessee. U.S. Pest was rated the #1 pest control and termite protection company in Nashville. As a company with over 50k happy customers and over 30 years of service, U.S. Pest is the best choice for pest management and moisture control services.



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