Kissing Bug – What To Know About The Bug

Kissing Bug – What To Know About The Bug

What To Know About The Kissing Bug

Kissing Bug | The CDC warns of the deadly triatoma sanguisuga kissing bugs spreading throughout the U.S. Most reports show that these killer bugs are being reported in the eastern and northern regions of the country. Although the known arrival of the deadly bug is spreading, the spread of fear is far greater than the actual threat of the insect.


Kissing Bug (Triatoma Sanguisuga)

First of all, this bug is known for biting human faces while sleeping, spreading the silent killer parasitic illness, Chagas disease. Besides the name ‘kissing bug’, the triatoma sanguisuga species are also known as assassin bugs or vampire bugs in other countries.

The triatomine kissing bugs species of insects are nocturnal. Hence the reason these cases are being reported while most were sleeping.



Kissing Bug Reports

The first case was reported in Delaware and confirmed by health officials. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently mentioned in an official statement that the affected Delaware resident was a child. The child was bitten on the face while watching television in her bedroom when the bite occurred last year in July of 2018. The home of the Delaware family was an older home located near a heavily wooded area. Fortunately, the girl did not get ill from the bug bite as most cases conclude.

According to the CDC, these deadly kissing bugs have also been reported in North and South Carolina. They are continuing to spread toward the North studies show, as continued cases are reported.




Chagas Disease Affects

The killer parasitic illness, the Chagas disease, is considered a silent killer due to the longterm affects it can have on humans if not discovered and treated. As a result, the disease these insects carry and transfer to humans can cause life-threatening heart issues. Some of these life threatening heart issues include: arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, heart disease, and strokes.

Prior to it’s arrival in the United States, Chagas disease was previously only discovered in Central and South America. Known records from agencies report that an estimated 300,000 people have the disease in the United States.



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