Pest-Control Industry Professional Trade

Pest-Control Industry Professional Trade

Pest-control industry is a professional trade

Pest-Control Industry Professional Trade | The pest control industry protects our health, our homes, our food, our pets and our property.

First of all, can you imagine what life would be like if there were no pest management services. Our homes would be overrun by cockroaches, ants, mice, rats and other pests. Bed bug infestations could infest almost every home and hotel.

Furthermore, termites and other wood destroying pests would totally consume our homes and buildings. Our pets would be inundated with fleas. Mosquito and tick populations would explode.


How Can Pests Affect Our Health In Tennessee?

Most pests have to ability to affect the health of ourselves, our families and our pets. Cockroaches and flies can spread numerous pathogens including salmonella. Rodents can carry disease and consume food products. Rodents can destroy more stored food by contamination with feces and urine.

In the absence of pest management, there would be widespread cases of disease organisms from fleas, mosquitoes and ticks. Consequently, malaria and yellow fever would return.

Certainly, our world would be in chaos if not for the pest management profession.


Integrated Pest Management In Tennessee

Today pest control professionals utilize a system called “Integrated Pest Management”.  

Integrated Pest Management comprises a number of control steps. The first step is inspection of the area to locate the pest, food sources and harborage. The next step is to identify the pest.  Knowing the pest, its biology and habits allows for specific control measures.

This strategy also includes sanitation, exclusion and mechanical control methods. Sanitation is eliminating the pest’s food supply.

Exclusion is blocking the pest from entering the structure or hiding location. Mechanical control includes trapping the insect or rodent. Chemical application is the last method utilized to control the pest. Hence, this includes pest specific baits and targeted liquid applications.


Pest Applications, Now And Then

Originally pest control customers paid for general widespread applications of chemicals to kill pests.  If it didn’t smell to high heaven after the treatment, they didn’t feel they were getting their money’s worth.

Since those days, universities and product manufacturers have done extensive research and studies. This research has helped to create products that are more friendly to the outside & indoor environments. Good examples are bait products, specifically for ants and roaches reducing liquid spray applications. Similarly, these newer products are less odorous and are applied in reduced amounts while targeted to the specific pest.


Pest Management Professionals Of Today

Because the pest management professionals of today are better trained and educated in their profession, results are better and customers are much happier. Due to most state requirements, a license or certification exam for men or women who want to enter the industry. The exams cover safety, pest biology, state & federal laws, and product knowledge.

Once licensed or certified, the pest professional must continue to attend continuing education classes. As a result, these classes provide professional credits for continued certification.


Why is pest control a profession?

  • Pest management professionals complete an exam to be licensed or certified in their state.
  • Like other professions, pest management professionals must obtain regular continuing education credits to maintain their licenses or certifications.
  • Pest management professionals are constantly trained in safety, pest biology, product knowledge and Integrated Pest Management.


Professional Pest Management Companies In Tennessee

Finally, professional pest management companies are now presenting on-line services to customers and the public. Many company websites provide education to the public about insect or rodent pests. Furthermore, this includes pictures, descriptions, & advice to reduce pest problems in the home or business. In contrast, professional technicians also have direct access via mobile phone for customer information and product information.

Above all, the pest management business is a true professional occupation. Members of this industry are trained and educated to provide services to protect your health, your home, and your property. Do you need a pest control company? Call pest professional today. Most noteworthy, call a U.S. Pest Professional to get the job done right the first time around!



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