U.S. Pest Protection Explores Dangerous Biting Spiders Up Close & Personal

U.S. Pest Protection Explores Dangerous Biting Spiders Up Close & Personal

Alive and angry brown recluse spider is caught on video by U.S. Pest ProtectionPresident/CEO Erica Brister. “Comparing the venomous Tennessee native brown recluse to a general wolf spider allows for homeowners to be educated while at the same time entertained in the ASMR form.” says Erica Brister.

The brown recluse dances in the video and has surprisingly fluid movements while the wolf spider makes a mad dashing disappearance off the table only to be caught by Erica Brister. Both spiders are live specimens explored through the use of tweezers, a scalpel and glue boards. Watch The Video: Click Here.

U.S. Pest located in Nashville, TN is no stranger to going above and beyond to educate and protect the public against spiders. Tennessee is 1 of 14 states that is home to the brown recluse spider. U.S. Pest’s website, uspest.com, is loaded with information about insects for the concerned human. The dangerous spider is found primarily in dark undisturbed spaces and can cause extreme reactions if bitten, including the skin rotting away for weeks around the bite. The wolf spider does not have the reputation for danger but does in fact pose a threat of injecting venom if provoked. The wolf spider bite can cause allergic reactions ranging from an itchy sore to swelling of the extremities.

The brown recluse spider has a violin shape on it’s back while the wolf spider generally has black stripes. Confusion can sometimes arise when homeowners are attempting to identify what type of spider they have encountered. The U.S. Pest video series allows everyone to get up close and personal with insects and bugs they generally would run away from. On the U.S. Pest Protection YouTube channel, viewers can see live beetles, bedbugs, ticks and more. This channel promises not to disappoint with an edge of your seat closeness and the unpredictable nature of bugs.

Be prepared to be a little creeped out while watching this helpful video that could keep you from spending thousands of dollars on the wrong treatment.

“We believe the highest standards didn’t exist in our industry, so we created them. Our mission to offer valuable, engaging and unique information to our customers and consumers and this shapes our creative direction with our videos. The ASMR component came natural since yelling at a tiny insect didn’t seem appropriate.” Erica Brister, President/CEO of U.S. Pest. The Nashville area’s premier pest control company offers termite protection, mosquito control, bed bug treatments, brown recluse treatments, general pest control as well as commercial building pest control, termite protection and bird control.

Do not attempt this at home. This video was performed by trained pest protection trade professionals.

U.S. Pest Protection services Nashville, Brentwood, Green Hills, Franklin, Spring Hill, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Goodlettsville, Mount Juliet, Murfreesboro and all surrounding cities as well as parts of Alabama and Kentucky. Visit: http://www.uspest.com, or contact Erica Brister by phone at 615-590-1260 or by email at: erica@uspest.com for more information. For more news information, visit uspestnews.com.

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