U.S. Pest Online Service Subscriptions Grow 1500% in April & May

U.S. Pest Online Service Subscriptions Grow 1500% in April & May

Online Service Subscriptions for U.S. Pest Grow 1500% in April and May of 2020

U.S. Pest Protection is the first pest control company in Tennessee to offer online service subscriptions for monthly pest control service and disinfectant service.

This month of May, U.S. Pest Protection will celebrate 36 years of celebrating servicing over 50k residential and commercial customers in Tennessee. Because so many homeowners are battling ticks and ants in Tennessee, it’s important that they have immediate access to a professional pest control service.

Now, the ever-growing company has evolved into creating new ways for customers to interact, molding to a new normal of offering their services purchasable online.

With more consumers buying online, U.S. Pest online sales have skyrocketed 1500% amidst the COVID-19 social distancing concerns. Retail giant, Amazon, who also offers U.S. Pest Protection services online, has seen a 40% growth in online sales during the first and second quarters.

U.S. Pest was already on track to conveniently give customers the option to purchase and order pest control services online, before the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic ever began. Not only does U.S. Pest offer its popular pest prevention services purchasable online, the company also offers their ViroCleanse disinfecting service to help fight against bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

“Buying services online is not only a convenient solution, but a safe avenue for customers to purchase without having to physically interact with someone while social distancing guidelines are in place,” said U.S. Pest Protection President/CEO – Erica Brister. “Due to all of the COVID-19 coronavirus restrictions put into place by federal and local state governments, this new option of purchasing services has been proven safe and successful,” Brister continued.

The pest control services that U.S. Pest offers have been deemed essential by federal and state local governments, in order to help control public health during the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus. “Our professionals are doing whatever it takes to go above & beyond to protect our customers, keep them safe, and help local communities during this difficult time,” stated Brister.

Residents who protect their homes and families from potential disease-carrying pests are also helping to provide a safer and healthier environment for all of us. Do you live in Nashville or Middle Tennessee, own a business, and are in need of a great pest control provider? Contact U.S. Pest Protection today and purchase your pest control services online! Visit: uspest.com/buy-pest-control-online/ for a list of services available to fit your family’s or business’s needs. For more information, news, and updates – be sure to follow U.S. Pest News online and on the go!

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