Top Women-Owned Businesses in Nashville; U.S. Pest Protection Recognized

Top Women-Owned Businesses in Nashville; U.S. Pest Protection Recognized

The progression of women-owned businesses in Nashville has grown significantly in the past two decades. Just in the past decade, there has been a global push for women equality and empowerment around the world.


With female voices heard publicly more on social media, television, and even in the American workplace, women have progressed and gained more success than ever.


These factors have made it even more of an opportunity for talented & driven women to become successful and respected in the role of a business executive – especially in Nashville where business is good.


Therefore, with Nashville’s booming economy and substantial growth, there is no doubt that women-owned businesses are on the rise or moving to the Music City.


Women-owned companies are starting-up everywhere in Nashville. From the artsy shop on the corner in rural Nashville, to the café or eatery downtown, independent women entrepreneurs have the best city and economy to startup their dream business.


To be a female business owner of a Nashville-rooted company though, is a rarity and deserves recognition.


Accredited Nashville business publication, the Nashville Business Journal – a division of American City Business Journals, fuels the metropolitan Nashville business audience and local economy.


The weekly publication provides small and large companies news and information needed to profit and stimulate the economy of the Nashville district.


Nashville Business Journal recently reported and published a list in September, highlighting the Top Women-owned Businesses in Nashville.


Locally owned and operated pest control service provider, U.S. Pest Protection, was ranked among the list of Top Women-owned Businesses in Nashville.


U.S. Pest Digital Media Manager, Parker Minor, reached out to the NBJ to ask how long the publication has been recognizing women in the workplace.


“I believe we have been doing this list since I started compiling lists in 1999,” said Nashville Business Journal – Research Director, Carole Smith.


Female business owner and U.S. Pest President, Erica Brister, expressed her gratitude for the company being recognized in such capacity.


“As a female business owner in Nashville’s competitive economy, I am very fortunate and honored for U.S. Pest to be recognized in this capacity. Amidst a global pandemic and a revitalizing U.S. economy, U.S. Pest Protection continues to grow and expand outside of the Greater Nashville Area.”


Furthermore, statistics show an average of 100 people moving to Nashville per day. Residential pest control and termite protection for homes in Tennessee is certainly a booming industry and a necessity.


“Everybody needs pest control; especially termite protection,” stated Brister. “Termite protection is like an insurance policy for your home in itself. If you move to Tennessee and have never experienced or had to worry about such pests, you’ll quickly learn the different types of termites and that there is no other option but to have pest control for termites.”


Learn more about Nashville’s largest women-owned pest control company – U.S. Pest Protection. Visit and as your pest control news and information leader.

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