U.S. Pest Hires Go Local National Agency to Build Industry
U.S. Pest Hires Go Local

U.S. Pest Hires Go Local National Agency to Build Industry

NASHVILLE, Tenn.May 5, 2020 | U.S. Pest Hires Go Local — U.S. Pest Protection has a long history of being on the forefront of innovative pest control industry partnerships and initiatives; from the pest professionals wearing oxford shirts & ties, to the United States’ only Honey Festival, the Tennessee Honey Festival, created by a pest control company. Now, the U.S. Pest family of brands has commissioned Go Local Interactive out of Kansas City. Go Local is a digital marketing agency specializing in new customer acquisition for national and regional brands. U.S. Pest is a Nashville, Tennessee based pest control company, regionally expanding into several states and is currently the largest privately-owned pest control company in Tennessee.

“Aside from pest control being a core vertical of Go Local, U.S. Pest has multiple business characteristics that make it an ideal client partner for us”, said Go Local Interactive Co-Founder, John Jordan. U.S. Pest has a strong brand, has a proven ability to innovate, and is uniquely positioned for continued growth and dominance in its markets. “From our first communication, you could see there was strong synergy between our teams,” said Jordan, “and our core values were aligned.” These characteristics, combined with Go Local’s proven digital marketing strategies, offer a solid foundation for a successful partnership.

“Go Local Interactive is the best current choice for U.S. Pest’s digital marketing needs because they are familiar with our industry, but also have a talented and creative dynamic team who is leading the pack. We at U.S. Pest have a whatever it takes attitude and it is refreshing to partner with another company who operates in the same spirit to build the U.S. Pest brand nationally,” said U.S. Pest President, Erica Brister.

Stay up to date on the current digital experience at uspestnews.com as U.S. Pest Hires Go Local to build the industry. Be on the lookout for big changes in the pest control industry.

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