The Health of Prevention | U.S. Pest Protection

The Health of Prevention | U.S. Pest Protection

Health of Prevention (Nashville, TN) – Pest Control is a unique service worldwide. While the treatment specifics vary country to country, pest control remains a driving factor in protecting populations from a variety of diseases. Since the Middle Ages, extermination services have been an important part of maintaining a healthy and safe population. During the Middle Ages, Rat Catchers were perceived as well-respected individuals. Without the access to modern Pest Control methods of prevention and elimination, townships and cities would become infested with Vermin. These Vermin were the prime vectors of transmitting the Black Plague throughout Europe and the Eastern World. Because they ferried infected Fleas throughout the European Continent, they spread a disease that effectively wiped out a third of the population. Rat Catchers at the time, were their best chance at eliminating any rodent threat. These highly respected individuals would use a system of tools, as well as specially trained animals to root out, kill and remove the threat of pests from towns suffering from disease and contaminated food stores. While centuries old, these stories of Pest Control surround the same dangers and concerns we see in the field in modern times.

Pest control practices serve a variety of services, from protecting our crops, to removing unwanted pests from occupied dwellings and businesses, Pest Control Practices are essential for maintaining the health of a population from otherwise dangerous infections. While the Black Plague is no longer the danger it was during the Middle Ages, pests continue to transmit a variety of diseases and conditions to inhabitants of homes and businesses they infest. The health of prevention is important to keep in mind. Without constant Pest Control methods to prevent the spread of these diseases, more and more individuals would find themselves at risk for otherwise unexpected infection. Developing a plan of prevention with your professional Pest Control provider is the best way to keep dangerous diseases and ailments out of your home so you can live your most productive life.

Commonly known as the “Most Dangerous Animal in the World” Mosquitoes are known for transmitting a multitude of diseases worldwide. While many Mosquito-borne infections are experienced in underdeveloped nations, even developed countries like the United States of America fail to be spared from the diseases brought on by these flying blood-feeders. In the early 2000’s America saw a rise in West Nile Virus, that threatened the health of many citizens nationwide. Outside the United States, Mosquitoes are responsible for the spread of some of the worst transmittable diseases known to man. Malaria claims the lives of over 500,000 people every year across multiple continents, including an alarming number of children and infants. In recent years, Zika made its way into the United States, and was linked to dangerous birth defects for unborn babies. Proper Mosquito Management helps deter unwanted feedings near homes, and can help mitigate the exposure of your loved ones to the potential spread of many other more common diseases as well.

One of the next most dangerous pests that transmit diseases can be one of the least noticeable hitchhikers to latch onto a host. Ticks carry a variety of diseases across their different species. From Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which can be fatal to even the healthiest of individuals. Tick-Borne Encephalitis which can damage the central nervous system, and Lyme Disease which can drain a host of their energy and wreak havoc on their bodies. Ticks can even cause rare side effects like permanent red meat allergies! Preventative measures can help protect those in tick-infested areas, but while they travel on migrating hosts, they can easily sneak into our backyards and become a danger to our families.

Other non-biting pests can be tremendously devastating to the health of a home’s inhabitants if left unchecked. Common overwintering pests, such as Lady Bugs, can be triggers for Asthma as they shed dust and particulates throughout a home’s air supply. Other pests, such as Cockroaches can also trigger asthma, among a slew of other health concerns. Cockroaches track germs and waste throughout a home as they forage for food and hide away. They can track waste throughout your food stores and unknowingly contaminate your food. Other mobile pests like flies can distribute similar infections onto food, surfaces and even people as they transmit waste they’ve landed on.

The best way to combat the spread of diseases brought by unwanted pests starts with prevention. Tackling the threat before it overruns your home is the best way to stave off the spread of diseases brought on by pests. As a premier Pest Control Provider, we here at U.S. Pest Protection understand the importance of keeping a barrier of protection and prevention around your loved one. We believe in protecting what matters most by working with homeowners and business owners to tackle the problems most threatening to them. It’s our pleasure to serve our customers and community and help ensure that everyone is living their healthiest lives possible.

Having Pest problems? The health of prevention is important and a focus at U.S. Pest. Call U.S. Pest Protection today for a free inspection or buy pest control online and see how we can best protect that which matters most. Follow uspestnews or our social media platforms for more on the health of prevention and future news and updates.


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